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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Please Vote For Me!

On the American Girl Fan , there is a Valentine's Doll Photo Contest. I sent in a picture of my dolls Mattie, Julie and Molly. The prizes are a set of doll pajamas or a $25 American Girl giftcard. I reeeeeeeeeeeally need a set of pajamas for my new AG doll, Molly! Can you please vote for me? I'm #47! Here is a link to where you can vote:

Thanks! I really appreciate it!
This is my picture I entered:

It's a picture of my dolls making Valentines! (And a mess. :P)

Mattison, Mattie, Julie, & Molly


  1. Love your blog!
    We are starting an American Girl Message Board and would love for you to among the first to contribute your thoughts, ideas and photos!

  2. I love the picture! Much better than the one I sent in.